• rachelsullivan777


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Neale Donald Walsch

In this time of confusion and chaos in our country, I tend to believe that most individuals are feeling out of their "comfort zone." I am married and have four children--two are young adults, one in high school and the other is in first grade--and we are all at home trying to make the best of this quarantine. I am someone who thrives in a peaceful setting. I enjoy getting my kids off to school and settling down with my cup of coffee and morning meditation. With a house full of people, this routine is not going as planned:) It is time for Plan B and stepping out of my comfort zone. It is time to re-evaluate my day which is now filled with not only my own agenda but the agendas of four people under my care. Going outside of myself and considering the needs of others at this time could potentially bring meaning to a difficult situation. We are always better people when we are focused on serving. This is what I would define as the true meaning of "life."

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